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Parrs Head Lane Tenements on South Side

Tenements on South Side Parrs Head Lane, Rochester, St. Nicholas, Kent, United Kingdom

Land use: Residential

Property Description

This small piece of land was situated on the south side of Parrs Head Lane (aka) Painters Lane (aka) White Horse Lane. According to the 1774 building plan, the plot measured 30 4" by 21 1", making a total of 640 sq. ft. (71 sq. yds). The 1579 lease to Henry Leaffe mentions a messuage or tenement "lately and newly builded by the said Henry vpon a vacant peece of grownd belonging to the said bridge." A century later the property had been divided into two, for the 1678 lease and subsequent leases describe it as the "messuage or tenement now converted into two small messuages situated in Painters Lane." From 1828 to 1857 the two houses in Parrs Head Lane and a house in Love Lane were let together in one lease, until the Parrs Head Lane property was compulsorily purchased by East Kent Railway in 1857.

Rent Analysis

Between 1577 and 1751 the rents for the combined property rose gradually from 3s. 4d. (£11 7s.6d./acre) to 8s. (£27 5s./acre). From 1752 to 1827 the two small houses were let on separate tenancy-at-will agreements at £2 10s rent each, making a sharp increase to £5 (£340 12s./acre) in rent assessed for the combined property. The relatively expensive rents for these small houses without the security of a lease resulted in a high rate of rent arrears written off as bad debts during the second half of the 18th century.

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